There is no hero without a dragon

People recount and organise themselves as societies through stories. Those stories have a function of understanding of the world. They permit to organise through a web of relations, the phenomena of reality that present themselves to man in a random way, without apparent explanations, in a precise space and time scale and in a homogenous way. The stories create meaning, their structure resonates with Human laws and the forces of action.

Be Dandy agency has developed a system destined for brands, the Storyscope. Its aim is to build exciting and emotionally charged stories that resonate with the brand’s strategy.

More than a narrative technique, storytelling is a strategic tool that puts in three dimensions the vision of the brand.

You need to:

Establish your brand in its roots or fundamentals
Have a brand that touches its consumers
Simplify the marketing mille-feuilles
Be more fierce
Control and transmit your messages clearly
Generate preference and loyalty
Encourage word of mouth

We deliver:

Historical researches
Storyscope formulation
Platform staging
Brand manifesto writing
Brand content
Storytelling learning
Content structuration