The secret of major brands: great ideas that everyone thought unfeasible

Congruence is generated by the perfect alignment of ideas and speech, thoughts and actions. Be Dandy agency listens to you, deeply analyses your brand, imagines strategies and hosts workshops to develop a desirable future with you. The agency feeds the creative strategic sessions with tailored studies linked to your needs.

To provide a course to a brand, to craft its great idea, is to inject personality within it and the necessary anchorings to make the brand reliable and successful. The brand can then become the pilot for the entire set of activities of the company.

You need to:

know what is essential for your brand
make it known that you have changed categories
no longer be betrayed by your images
identify what distinguishes luxury today
rediscover your singularity
hold a cohesive and perennial speech
unintellectualise your brand
impregnate permanently the minds
bring the teams together
share a common goal find new ways to grow

We deliver:

Image diagnostic and benchmark
Concepts and visioning
Brand platform
Brand architecture
Tone of voice
Identity territory